10 High protein-rich foods

We’re all well aware of the importance protein has in our body, yet somehow, we manage to mess up with it! And the result is your body not getting it’s required protein intake. To make sure your body gets enough proteins, you need to know what foods are rich in protein. Less consumption of these foods also will ensure you get enough protein nutrition. Let’s take a look:

It wasn’t for no reason every science textbook boasted of eggs being a powerhouse of proteins! Eggs are bleed with abundance in protein, with around 6 grams of protein in one whole egg (yolk and white, all included!)

Cheese is another excellent source of protein. The only drawback is the number of calories. This can be overcome by opting for the low-fat versions of cheese.


Chicken breast:
The soft and supple piece of meat can help you recover all the lost proteins after a strenuous workout! Don’t overcook it, prepare it just right and enjoy your 50 grams of protein right there.

High in not only protein but a host of other nutrients, lentils are a perfect source of protein to fulfill your body’s protein needs.

If cooked right and flavored right, these beans taste just like meat! And they will enrich your body with loads of protein too!

Lactose intolerant people, you are surely losing out on a lot here! Milk is abundant in protein, and a glass of milk every day is more than enough to suffice your protein requirements.

A handful of dry fruits on the go is always a big yes! Not only to satiate those untimely hunger pangs but also to enhance the protein content in your body.



Ezekiel bread:
The most organic form of food on the entire planet, Ezekiel bread is very high in protein content, owing to its high in protein ingredients!

Add it in your salads, in your smoothies or in any way you want to in your diet and get your protein refill right there!

Tuna and salmon are the best when it comes to high proteins and fewer calories.  Apart from protein, these fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, making them the perfect mix of nutrients!

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